Aphotic Jupiterian

CatalogBHP 0031

PriceU$ 7
R$ 15

Born from the South Atlantic’s abyssal womb, Jupiterian brings their first full length album, Aphotic. After their acclaimed debut EP Archaic, the band goes deep down into the edge of their death/doom/sludge amalgam.

Aphotic has what every fan of drone, doom, sludge, fuzz, heavy and everything of the sort wants and needs in a release. Highly influenced by the first wave of death/doom metal bands such as Winter, Anathema, Paradise Lost and Katatonia, the Brazilian four-piece adds straining, decadent, and demanding vocals on the low-end of politeness.

The harsh, precise, and forcefully significant droning of the guitars create a nearly complete sphere of influence over your brain and body.

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Permanent Grey8:02
Drag Me To My Grave (Bonus track)5:39

Permanent Grey