Burial Ground CD Expurgo

CatalogBHP 0019

PriceU$ 10
R$ 15

Coming from Belo Horizonte (MG), the land of the cult mighty Brazilian 80′s/90′s metal legends, EXPURGO rises from the grave with their first full-length material. Highly influenced by grindcore and goregrind bands, BURIAL GROUND is ready to prove once again why they are one of the sickest Brazilian bands and why they have reached this great status! For sure BURIAL GROUND will put them at the forefront of the new Brazilian grind elite. Savage grind brutality on its finest form, highly recommended for fans of Regurgitate, Phobia and Dead Infection. Also guest vocal appearance by André Luiz (Lymphatic Phlegm / Offal).

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1. Blast Of Truth01:19
2. Only The Depressive Trades01:11
3. No Chance To Refuse01:18
4. Affected By Disequilibrium02:15
5. Trapped01:39
6. Nothing Becomes Ruin00:54
7. Palestine Gutsoo:40
8. Brain Pulsing01:40
9. Human Hardware Dysfunction01:41
10. Plasma Arc02:01
11. Interruption Request01:48
12. Aufklärung00:40
13. End Of Line01:29
14. Madness And Reason01:21
15. Spell Or Xenophobism00:23
16. Sofrer Em Paz02:05
17. Sense Power, Be Dead!01:46
18. Exploitation 01:53
19. Condemned 00:58
20. Time Rips Us Out01:18
21. Worthless Anger01:43
22. Purging The Phlegm01:10
23. One Day Of Terror00:42
24. Chaotic State Of Adiction01:55
25. Spread Our Cancer01:46
26. Não (Part I)00:19
27. Regurfecontovoremintocegues00:16
28. Não (Part Ii)00:04
29. Grey Waste Ii - The Cocito01:50


Madness And Reason

Time Rips Us Out