Catalépsia Necrótica 12″LP Holocausto Canibal

CatalogBHP 037

R$ 90,00

In Catalépsia Necrótica, Cannibal Holocaust brings together the first demo “OPUS I” (1998) and the classic album “Gonorrhea Visceral” (2000), in a grotesque and sublime rereading like a corpse that rots under the medical slate. Death / Splatter and Gore / Grind from Portugal in a Black Hole Productions release, essential for fans of General Surgery, Deranged and Carcass. Mastered by Dan Swano at Unisound Studios / Sweden (Bloodbath, Necrony, Nasum …).

Cadaveric Side - Vagina Convulsa
Cadaveric Side - Holocausto Canibal
Cadaveric Side - Empalamento
Cadaveric Side - Antropofagia Auto-Infligida
Cadaveric Side - Septicémia Vaginal
Cadaveric Side - Carnificina Psicopata
Cadaveric Side - Gorgasmos...Orgásmicos Espasmos Gore
Necrotic Side - Morticínio
Necrotic Side - Instintos Necrófilos
Necrotic Side - Lentamente a Carne é Despida
Necrotic Side - Síntese Hemorrágica
Necrotic Side - Necrópsia Cadaverina (bonus track)
Necrotic Side - Faixa 13