Corpse in the attic. Toys in a shallow grave 7″ep Decomposing Serenity

CatalogBHP 0022

PriceU$ 8
R$ 15

After 5 years+ of hiding under a moldy rock, Decomposing Serenity is back with 6 new compositions so bizzare, you’ll think you’re being held underwater while being stabbed in the jaw by one of the guys from Lymphatic Phlegm. The suffering doesn’t stop here. Side B offers 5 old tracks recorded in Witter’s old stomping ground….Melbourne, Australia! These tracks were recorded during the ‘Rectify the Anal Bombshell’ 7” session in 1995 but were never released. 17 years later, Black Hole Productions proudly bring you the original tunes that established Decomposing Serenity as the most unpredictable grind band with a twisted sense of humour. 7″ep – Colour Vinyl.

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1. Why did you put Candy in the Cadaver1:16
2. Please Bleed into my Mouth1:34
3. Jenny the Corpse took all the Blanket0:55
4. Your Liver is Prettier than Candy0:52
5. Four pieces of Britney’s Skull0:33
6. No Space in the Fridge for Chloe0:39
7. Infernal Symphonies of Christ
8. Hiding Beneath the Urine Residue3:03
9. Directed Views on Distorted Wounds0:37
10. Senseless Pleasure will End0:39
11. Rhythmic Suffering of Lust0:58
12. Black Hole Pulsations0:07

Senseless Pleasure will End