Descendants of the Degenerated Race CD Fornication

CatalogBHP 007

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All the insane fury from Extreme Brazilian Death Metal that you always looking for are here. On this awaited release the hatefilled FORNICATION shows all their devastation power with pure speed, awesome destructive technique and sheer brutality. The massacre is about to begin and you won’t escape.

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1. Omnipotent Ones03:07
2. Malignant Devotion03:10
3. Triumph Of Evil02:24
4. Dreadful Feelings Of Sufferance02:53
5. Black Souls Disguised By The Light02:43
6. Degenerated Race02:51
7. Malicious Benevolence03:06
8. Regurgitated Guts (Death Cover)03:39
9. Mistress Of Darkness04:02
10. Under Spell Of Full Moon03:55

Dreadful Feelings Of Sufferance