Goregasmic Tales From Technophobia ProTape S.M.E.S.

CatalogBHP 034

PriceU$ 8
R$ 30

The first release of Black Hole Productions is now available on tape. S.M.E.S. The band that became one of the world references in Cyber Gore Grind.

There are only 30 hand-numbered copies where the band brings us the most morbid side of the technology with sonic pulsating beats and excruciating esophageal emissions, creating one of the most bizarre and disgusting forms of Cyber Gore Grind that you’ll be glad to witness!

55 minutes of pure “synth-sickness” that lifts his grotesque music to a bizarre status of originality. Try Goregasmic Tales From Technophobia.

A. Goregasmic Tales From Technophobia4:37
A. Chloor4:20
A. Decay O.K.!3:01
A. Legalize It0:32
A. September 18th5:43
A. Horny-Hornier-Horror3:02
A. Epo Metal Erin3:39
A. The Scientist Of Giant Tits2:46
A. A House, A Tree And A Pet0:55
B. Gore Some More3:12
B. Kan Nie Balen3:24
B. White Widdow5:31
B. No Title Yet4:38
B. Your Useless Brains (Will Be Lunch)2:55
B. Fuckable2:10
B. Zo Saal-Ety3:11
B. Gaserop2:14

Gore Some More