Goreland Compilation

CatalogBHP 006

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Goregrind worldwide elite reunion featuring: Lymphatic Phlegm, Haemorrhage, Disgorge (Mex), Decomposing Serenity, Feculent Goretomb, L.D.O.H., Regurgitate and 22 more. GORELAND is for sure the biggest and most sickest Comp. CD on its gender produced to date. If you love the most bizarre and most disgusting sounds ever, this release is a must, so order it now and prepare yourself to enter in a repulsive world filled with guts and blood. Most songs are exclusively made for this cd!!!

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1. LYMPHATIC PHLEGM - Chronic Nephrolithiasis Followed By Perinephritic Suppuration2:07
2. DECOMPOSING SERENITY - Bubbles Of Blood1:03
3. MICROPHALLUS - Evelyn Corbin (Victim #101:16
5. FECULENT GORETOMB - Chronic Evacuation Of Semi-Digested Aliments0:54
6. OXIDISED RAZOR - Anal Carnage2:24
7. LAST DAYS OF HUMANITY - Suppurated Sublimisation1:04
8. AUTOPHAGIA - Syringa Necrose You Cerebral With Pharmaka0:59
9. BLUE HOLOCAUST - The Fifth Cord1:38
10. CATIVEIRO - The Great Hidden Power Of A Decaying Torso3:09
11. REGURGITATE - Gorgeous Epithelioma1:08
12. DISGORGE (MEX) - Excremential Lust4:17
13. ROMPEPROP - Dislocated Purple Stoma1:40
14. PIGSTY - Deviant In Your Bath2:00
15. GRUESOME STUFF RELISH - El Duce Inn Massacre1:07
16. REEK OF SHITS - The Oversalted Menses1:46
17. HAEMORRHAGE - Obnoxious (Surgeon Of The Dead)2:33
19. BUTCHER ABC - Dozen Of Dismembered Torsos1:40
20. GHOUL - Ghoulhunter3:59
21. GROSSMEMBER - Mind Collapse System1:08
22. LUTEOUS - Grinding Flesh1:13
23. NOISECORE FREAK - Harsh Bedwire1:59
24. DYSMENORRHEIC HEMORRHAGE - Delicate Punctured Organ1:17
25. AMOEBIC DYSENTERY - Masturbatory Mastication1:16
26. GROSS - Bred By The Dead1:05
27. SPINELESS - Ode To The Gore (Part 4)2:43
28. MEATKNIFE - Fingered And Fistfucked3:11
29. FUCK THE FACTS - The Burning Side4:06

LAST DAYS OF HUMANITY - Suppurated Sublimisation

FUCK THE FACTS - The Burning Side