Hatecult CD Expose Your Hate

CatalogBHP 0014

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Grindcore on its maximum state of violence and agression. In a vein of Napalm Death/Nasum. Mastered por Mieszko T. (Nasum)

01. Expose Your Hate03:02
02. Born To Sin00:33
03. Bible Bullshit00:47
04. Wake Up To Reality01:45
05. Condemned Relationships01:33
06. The Media Virus02:05
07. Lies01:20
08. Peculiar Reason01:19
09. Despise For Animal Life02:29
10. Corrosion Of Truth02:21
11. Moment Of Reflection00:30
12. Appreciate The Dying Planet02:34
13. Conformation Posture02:15
14. Reality Phobia02:12
15. Refused God02:17
16. Faces Of War00:52
17. Inherent Human Cruelty03:15

Wake Up To Reality