Illnoise 2-piece BBQ CD Lincoln Love Log

CatalogBHP 0012

PriceU$ 10
R$ 15

This cd grilled with unreleased tracks, demo and compilation cd tracks shows LLL’s sound ranges from trancematic experimental artistry to powerful full blown distortion driven BBQ core. A perfect stew of genius and sickness. Heavy riffs, experimental intensity and down right Nasty blackened vocals. Lincoln Love Log cannot be categorized in any particular genre, 2 piece band hailing from the land of Illinoise, USA bring new meaning to versatility, bring their vast musical experience to the grill. BBQ your brain!!! Remastered by: Steve Austin from Today Is the Day and cover by: Stevo Dobbins from Impetigo.

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1. In Your Skin2:03
2. My Sweet BBQ3:45
3. Too Penetrate3:47
4. Dis-In-Boweled1:13
5. Double Headed Dildo2:39
6. Dark Basement2:07
7. BBQ Lust1:09
8. The Way In3:45
9. Camel Toe3:23
10. In My Sewer1:57
11. Entering Large Spaces1:51
12. Gore-May3:14
13. Pink Taco3:52
14. Dutch Oven1:56

My Sweet BBQ

In My Sewer