…In The Cemetery Digipak CD Echoes of Death

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Underneath the pillars of the old immortal school, the resurgence of Death Metal has managed to attain apices of excellence worldwide and the glorious legacy of the past brings with it a new legion of undead able to show they have what it takes to keep the image alive of the Metal of Death of those times.

Under the path of the left hand …In the Cemetery recaptures the cruelties of old-school European Death Metal in the early 1990s, especially the resounding Swe-death movement forged by such classics as Entombed, Grave and Dismember allied to the new generation of names like Death Breath, Bombs of Hades and Gatecreeper.

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Hanged on the Cross03:27
Abyss of Death03:05
In The Night of the Beast02:41
Altar of Blood02:34
...In The Cemetery02:44
The Depths of Empty04:06
Buried Alive04:31

Hanged on the Cross