Indoctrination of Hate CD Expose Your Hate

CatalogBHP 0027

PriceU$ 8
R$ 15

In the year in which they reach 15 years of existence, the potiguares Expose Your Hate return with their second CD via Black Hole Productions.

Mastered at Canadian Recording Studio Apartment 2 under the care of Topon Das, guitarist Fuck The Facts, the furious catharsis shoots 17 full explosive themes of anger, weight and speed.

The beautiful cover of Remy C (Six Feet Under, Misery Index, Cryptopsy, Mumakil, etc..) translates visually express ruthless manifest in the lyrics.

Be prepared for chaos, the cult of hate continues, indoctrination has begun!

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1. Ready To Explode
2. Blessed By Ignorance
3. Spreading Holy Violence
4. Odius Operandi
5. Deceived In Faith
6. My De-Generation
7. Marked Target
8. When We Destroy To Create
9. Money Power Control
10. Confront The Untouchable
11. Suspicious Activity
12. Machine Gun Full Of Hatred
13. 666 Reasons To Hate
14. Transitory Lifetime
15. Start The Chaos
16. Self-Denial Attitude
17. Life Not For Sale

Ready To Explode

Self-Denial Attitude