Necrofiles 7″ep Flesh Grinder

CatalogBHP 0025

PriceU$ 10
R$ 20

FLESH GRINDER Brazil’s goriest, most grinding and blood-puking monstrosity returns with its latest release since the “Crumb’s Crunchy Delights Organization” album! The new EP, “Necrofiles” is five searingly repulsive new tracks, furious, ferocious and saturated with pathological grit and gore! Limited to 500 hand numbered copies, lovers of macabre cheese and blazing, grinding metal should help themselves to a serving while it’s hot!

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1. Curious Collection2:11
2. Maniac (Vile Tomb)3:06
3. Rotten Gore Insanity2:31
4. Sick Revolting Guts2:05
5. Abracadaver 2:13

Curious Collection