O Coração Negro da Terra Digipak CD Basalt

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Forged under the aegis of cult and seminal genres such as Doom, Sludge, Crust, Grind and even Post-metal/Hardcore and Black Metal, BASALT portrays a creatively and experimentally mod against the conventional a lugubrious, cold, dense and abyssal experience. The quintet has joined members and ex-members of some of the most traditional and prolific bands of the São Paulo underground scene, such as Constrito, O Cúmplice, Surra, Magzilla and Meant to Suffer. O Coração Negro da Terra, their first full-length album, consists of seven songs in just over 30 minutes that recapture the mighty essence of the great releases of the early and mid 90′s. Essential for Grief, Corrupted, Noothgrush, Cough fans among others!

Terra Morta02:27
Longa Noite (Eclipse Sem Fim)05:53
Os Homens Ocos04:03
Diante da Cor dos Outros04:04