Pathogenesis Infest Phlegmsepsia CD Lymphatic Phlegm

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First full-lenght Cd from these Brazilian psycho pathologists. This masterpiece comes to you as a bright and colorful splash of coagulated blood with the bands signature Grindgore & their ability to revolt trendy listeners. This CD will shown you all that your sordid, fragile and decadent organism is pathologically exposed. Mastered by Mieszko T. (Regurgitate, Nasum, Exhumed) this worthy work will no doubt be one of the highlights of your Grindgore collection.

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1.Medicina Legalis Forensis (Mortui Vivos Docent)1:07
2. Proliferative Reaction Of The Reticulo-Endothelial System's Elements0:51
3. Medico-Legal Analysis Of The Ethanol Level's In Cadaveric Blood And Organic Liquids1:53
4. Completely Liquefying (Disgorging In Putrefaction) 0:23
5. Gross Characteristics Of The Cerebral Abcsess In The Early Stage Of Development 0:48
6. Blenorrhagical Spermatocystitis Of Seminiferous Tubules 0:26
7. Chronic Pachymeningitis With Diffuse Dura Mater Inspissation 0:46
8. Multicystic Retroperitonial Sacrococcygeous Embryo-Teratoma 0:39
9. Chronic Pro-Inflammatory Disorder In The Process Of Himeno-Vulvo-Vaginal Auto-Disinfection 0:47
10. Fatal Pulmonary Embolism: Hystological Analysis2:22
11. Recessive Dystrophic Epidermolysis Bullosa0:13
12. Congenitally Acquired Retentive Liquid-Organic Hydropsia1:11
13. Insidious Colibacillosis Of The Urinary Ways (Infectious-Inflammatory Pyocystities)1:15
14. Large Intestine Segmental Edematous Ileopathia 0:54
15. Gruesome Aftermath Of The Pathologist's Cadaveric Vilipend 1:46
16. Secondary Dysmenorrhea Resulting From The Uterine Endometritis 0:44
17. Malignant Intravenous Obstruction In Chronic Phlebothrombosis 1:25
18. Hypothalamous Infundibulo Syndrome (Traumatic Cerebro-Vascular Accident)2:03
19. Hemorrhagical Affection Of The Uterine Tract 1:03
20. Recessive Enterological Ileo-Meconial Mucoviscidosis1:48
21. Mechanisms Of Neutropenia Involving Malignant Myeloid Maturation0:38
22. Analysis Of The Peritoneal Behavior In The Pelvic Cavity Of The Female Genito-Urinary System1:41
23. Traumatic Obstetric Cerebro-Meningeal Hemorrhage1:00
24. Post-Mortem Analysis Of The Inferior Vena Cava On A Pneumo-Embolous Affected Cadaver0:28
25. Functional Abnormalities Of The Cardiac Structures Involving Chronic Myocardias0:48
26. Deranged Medico-Surgical Practices (Doctor Butcher M.D/ Medical Deviante)1:35
27. Abnormal Anastomosis Among The Diffuse Parts Of The Arteriovenous Complex 1:31
28. Duodenal Obstruction By Annular Pancreas In Embryogenesis1:17
29. Collateral Amyotrophic Sclerosis Of The Bulbo-Rachidian Extension 0:43
30. Pathophysiologic Responses Of Chronic Idiopathic Thrombocytopenic Purpura1:13
31. Petechial-Ecchymotic Widespread Hemorrhages (Characteristic Aspects Of Meningococcemia)2:28

Fatal Pulmonary Embolism: Hystological Analysis