Please don’t die yet…I’m not done CD Decomposing Serenity

CatalogBHP 004

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Decomposing Serenity, the most psychotic grind band around, responsible for countless victims and mutilated insects, unleashes here a brand new batch of cuts that will stimulate freaks and make Marylin Manson fans pee themselves. For only the ones who want the most extreme dosage of insanity and sickness with their grind, Decomposing Serenity’s latest is just what you need. Thriteen new songs, an unreleased 7″, lots of bonus covers and 1 extra bonus classical song to help you sleep after the aural abuse.

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1. Pieces Of Dying Children 1:49
2. Don't Push On My Bruise 0:24
3. Cut Her Throat And Take A Bow0:56
4. I Have Daddy's Lungs In Me1:33
5. Kangaroo Guts For Cute Little Boys1:01
6. My Personal Play / Graveyard0:56
7. Please Don't Die Yet...1:04
8. Uh Oh, Her Eyeball Fell Out0:42
9. Soothing Screams From My Basement1:01
10. Cocks Sewn Around My Thighs0:59
11. So Many Corpses To Choose From1:15
12. Kick It Up A Notch1:01
13. Gather Up The Toenails0:53
14. Mortuary Take Away0:57
15. Chained, Stabbed And Loved1:00
16. You're Bleeding Too Slowly0:53
17. Stop Picking Your Scab1:08
18. Pleasure From Piss1:16
19. Everglade2:19
20. Gets Me Through1:57
21. United Forces1:20
22. In My Darkest Hour2:50
23. Among The Living 2:04
24. Seemingly Endless Time2:39
25. Sweet Leaf3:18
26. Waking The Dead2:41
27. Jizzlobber (With Zombies)3:12
28. Dragonflies In Winter2:58

Uh Oh, Her Eyeball Fell Out