Putrescent Stiffs and Pungent Whiffs 7″ep Lymphatic Phlegm

CatalogBHP 0023

PriceU$ 8
R$ 15

Hailing from their lugubrious, dark and cold morgue, the Brazilian deranged pathologists are fuckin’ back to celebrate its 16th anniversary! Featuring totally brand new and unreleased tracks that were kept hidden and preserved in formaldehyde for six years. PUTRESCENT STIFFS AND PUNGENT WHIFFS is the 1st Lymphatic Phlegm’s full-length 7”ep to date! No trends, no modern influences, no changes, no groove. Only unique pathologically explicit and forensic obsessed old school goregrind as they’ve always sounded! Another deep journey into the bizarre and fascinating world of forensic pathology! A must for all freaks into PATHOLOGIST, early DEAD INFECTION and THE COUNTY MEDICAL EXAMINERS, a memorable gift for their loyal diehard fans! Can you feel the pungent stench from the decomposing cadavers?th a twisted sense of humour.

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1. Exacerbation (The abrupt worsening of pre-existing symptoms)
2. Warning: The cadavers will be received into and released from the mortuary room by lymphatic phlegm’s personnel only (not pathology residents)
3. Blown to pieces
4. Behind the sternum are the putrescent gifts – Enshrouded in necrotic remains
5. Autopsy procedure handbook – x.8: (PAD) Provisional Anatomical Diagnosis
6. Outro – Forensics (Science of death – The morbid eulogy of pathologist)

Autopsy procedure handbook