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After the resounding NADIR, the grinders of FACADA, band that dispenses presentations, has its newest release, the full-lenght “Quebrante”. According to vocalist / bass James: “The name of the record was given because of a kind of curse that my mother was talking about. “Quebrante” is also known as “bad look” when someone is unwell, sad, lacking strength, even bad. It is common to hear that the person has a broken / evil eye, that someone has thrown negative energies upon it that have been able to nullify that person’s vital energy. ” This new material has the cover signed by Nelson Oliveira, who already worked with the band producing the cover of “O Joio”. In total there will be 23 new tracks in this work that promises to end the joy and leave you totally agonized and bewildered, evidencing the chaos that surrounds us today.

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Deixa o Caos Entrar00:49
Nós Somos o Veneno01:05
Apenas mais um igual a mim01:22
O Pior de Todos01:35
A Farsa / Nojo00:57
Tudo Me Faltará01:38
A Maldição da Rede01:13
Estão Esperando Seu Erro01:58
Tiro no Caixão00:41
A Vitória da Diva00:57
Há Honra(?)01:22
Eu Sei Como é Morrer01:23
O Prelúdio do Fim01:37
A Verdade Gera o Ódio01:10
Blasfema Eu01:25
Feliz Ano Novo02:13
A Vida É Uma Armadilha01:07
Ele Não Voltará01:04
Miss Distopia01:49

Deixa o Caos Entrar

Feliz Ano Novo