Raisins De La Mort CDr Gross

CatalogBHP 002

PriceU$ 5
R$ 10

GROSS scrapes out the rotten innards of the dead to leave a heap of necrotic grind manifestations which are only to be heard by people who desire post-mortem indulgence! Painful retches and raw abuse void of sanity that is intended for those who respect the dead! This release is a must for Decomposing Serenity fans. CD-R Format.

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Communion And Live And Rotting Flesh01:37
Sack Of Human Remains00:49
Skin Clammy Cold00:33
My Bloodstained Face00:50
Cemetery Caretaker's Cabin00:56
Feral Viscera (Nuclear Death Cover)00:39
Body Behind Bricks00:37
Mother Boreworm00:42
Piles Of Poisoned People02:01
Cadaver Company01:16
Skins Full Of Pins00:31
Alessa's Dismembered Dolls00:37
Cut To The Bone00:46
Meat On Hooks00:26
Genital Pathological Perversity (Pathologist Cover)01:09
Splintered Skeletal Remains00:46
Acid Melts Away Her Mother's Face00:56
Eye Socket Secrets00:36
Stabs To Her Beating Heart01:09
Cementery Past Dark01:11
Guts Here Blood There Gore Gore Everywhere00:45
Untitled (Anal Cunt Cover)00:38
D.T.F. (Creamface Cover)01:01
Cancer Of The Prick (Demonic Orgy Cover)00:56
You Can't See Them But Them Can See You00:38
Here In Lies The Mother's Womb00:19
The Mutant Larva00:35
Shredding Flesh With A Rock Drill01:01
Manifestation Of The Black Aura; Evil Architect01:04
Zombie Nurses Of Aphiel Hall00:41
Descomposition Does Strange Things00:41
Vomica Drain And Bowel Contamination00:35
Secretion Injection00:45
Scent Of Sterillized Corpses00:51
Iron Grantes And Crucified Bodies00:34
Your Stomach Turns A Slimy Green00:43
Blood And Pus Start Oozing Through00:18
The Grim Reaper's List01:19

Body Behind Bricks

Vomica Drain And Bowel Contamination