Save Us From Ourselves CD Desalmado

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After the excellent repercussion and partnership on the Split CD with his Grind mates Homicide in 2016, Desalmado and Black Hole Productions are back together for the band’s most important release: Save Us From Ourselves, their third, newest and most awaited album.

As a novelty, for the first time the lyrics will be entirely in English, but the whole theme, heavy and brutality of the previous releases plus the essence of classic genres such as Grind, Crust and even Death Metal remain intact, giving Desalmado an own and unique sound.

“This is the most extreme, brutal and politicized band record, it’s a major step in many ways. We hope it’s a milestone in Brazilian extreme metal scene.” comments Caio – Vocal.

Save Us From Ourselves is the most careful production of the whole band’s discography in all aspects. Recorded at Family Mob Studio in São Paulo, the album was produced and mixed by the band itself and Hugo Silva and mastered via Absolute Master.

Fans from Napalm Death, Ratos de Porão, Sepultura, Morbid Angel… ENJOY!!!

1. Privilege Walls01:41
2. It's not your business01:43
3. Save Us From Ourselves04:46
4. Black Blood01:56
5. Blessed By Money03:43
6. Bridges To A New Dawn04:26
7. Corrosion 01:42
8. Binary Collapse02:02
9. Exist And Resist03:34

Privilege Walls