Show-off Cadavers – The Anatomy of Self Display CD Lymphatic Phlegm

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The wait is over for every forensick goregrind freak. The doors of the most obscure and cold morgue are open again to show that Lymphatic Phlegm’s decomposing promise to bring you the terrible beauty of anatomy is here. For sure this long-awaited second full-length cd is the apice on their autopsying carrer. Surgical concepted and well produced had also a compulsive mastering by Scott Hull (Agoraphobic Nosebleed, Pig Destroyer, Suffocation, etc.). Everything is still intact waiting for your “hands on” and you will live again that dream anatomy experience. Crawl into this anatomical cave, and be forever changed.

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1. Detailed Bypass Surgical Procedure (Whole Vena-cava Anastomosis) 1:39
2. Creutzfeldt - Jakob Disease Vs. Cadaveric Dura-mater Grafts 1:21
3. Y2:13
4. Forensic Evidences - Detailed Entomological Calculations (Rear Maggots To Adulthood To Identify Species) A P.M.I. Preview By Cadaveric Fauna Analysis2:58
5. Miscarriage Conceptions In Obstetricia1:11
6. Gynaeccological Sickness1:20
7. An Undergo Post-mortem Exam (Brought Into The Autopsy Suite)0:32
8. Phagocyte Dysfunctions By The Increasing Of Bacterial Infections Incidence 1:45
9. Compulsive Concupiscentia Of Pathologist2:26
10. Pneumo-diffusion Dysfunctions For Anatomo-pathological Abnormalities Of The Diffusing Membranes 1:14
11...With The Rib Cage And All Major Organs Removed The Cadaver Was... (Stitched Up By A Mortuary Personnel)3:37
12. Malignant Obstruction Of The Bilious Efflux In The Chronic Cholecystitis 1:32
13. (TIPS) Trans-jugular Intra-hepatic Porta-systemic Shunts 2:07
14. Impressive Hands-on - The Senior Pathologist's Autopsy Technique2:44
15. Profuse Hemorrhage From The Bottom Esophagus Sub-mucous Varicosity1:35
16. Insalubrious Formation Of The Collateral Blood Vases In The Whole Gastro-enterological Tract3:06

Miscarriage Conceptions In Obstetricia

An Undergo Post-mortem Exam (Brought Into The Autopsy Suite)