Split CD HomicideDesalmado

CatalogBHP 0033

PriceU$ 7
R$ 15

Brazilian ultimate Grind crash!!! After their excellent album “Estado Escravo”, São Paulo’s DESALMADO is back with 06 scorching tracks of the band’s furious and rage-fueled, head-hammering Grind Core annihilation! Hailing from Santa Catarina, HOMICIDE delivers 07 tracks of their devastating old-fashioned Grind Core brutality!!! If the latest releases of both bands made your ears bleed, prepare for a complete brain damage!!!

This utterly crushing release is available on CD format as well as digital download. If you’re onto killer Grind Core bands such as Napalm Death, RDP, Venomous Concept, Rotten Sound, Nasum and Magrudergrind, this material is what are you searching for… Only brand new tracks from both bands.


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DESALMADO: A ordem dos porcos2:11
DESALMADO: O pavor do estado2:22
DESALMADO: Hidra2:51
DESALMADO: Em Ruínas2:32
DESALMADO: Eternidade do Medo2:23
DESALMADO: Diáspora3:08
HOMICIDE: Ilusão Idiótica2:07
HOMICIDE: Vosso Líder1:41
HOMICIDE: Contra o Tempo2:17
HOMICIDE: Estado Terminal1:49
HOMICIDE: Causa e Efeito2:15
HOMICIDE: From Reality to Dust1:41
HOMICIDE: Stupid2:38

DESALMADO: O pavor do estado

HOMICIDE: Contra o Tempo