Split CD XXX ManiakLymphatic Phlegm

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The long awaited split CD by goregrind legends Lymphatic Phlegm and fast rising slimelords XXX Maniak with songs exclusive to this release. Best production yet from both bands mastered by Scott Hull! The 3XM side features a guest appearance by Jon Canady (Angel of Decay/ Deathpile). Limited edition of only 1,000 copies in SICK digipak format so act fast!

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1. XXX MANIAK - Try Our Atkins Friendly Jizz Load 0:37
2. XXX MANIAK - Mannequin At The Campsite0:34
3. XXX MANIAK - 58 Cumstains0:20
4. XXX MANIAK - Enslaved In The Rape Chamber0:29
5. XXX MANIAK - Adoration Of The Feces0:26
6. XXX MANIAK - Dead In A Drainage Ditch0:24
7. XXX MANIAK - Cemetery Bukkake0:15
8. XXX MANIAK - Fuck Snake Warriors0:57
9. XXX MANIAK - Ghost Torturing Dance Party0:30
10. XXX MANIAK - Too Young, Too Hot0:18
11. XXX MANIAK - Boys Forced Into Prostitution0:38
12. XXX MANIAK - Negrosexual0:19
13. XXX MANIAK - The Father Was A Fondler 0:54
14. XXX MANIAK - Dope Slut0:22
15. XXX MANIAK - Slaughterhouse Pornography0:49
16. XXX MANIAK - Young, Stupid, And Ready0:37
17. XXX MANIAK - Illegal Teens Do Anything For Money 0:37
18. XXX MANIAK - Smut Castle0:14
19. XXX MANIAK - Not A Matter Of If, But When0:47
20. XXX MANIAK - Automatic Cocksucker0:14
21. XXX MANIAK - Gorestar0:34
22. XXX MANIAK - Object0:44
23. XXX MANIAK - Chicks Fucking Landlords For Rent 0:58
24. XXX MANIAK - Once You Touch My Doorknob, You Are Mine0:46
25. XXX MANIAK - Ass Gin And Cunt Juice0:22
26. XXX MANIAK - There Is No Way To Protect Your Family2:11
27. LYMPHATIC PHLEGM - The Medical Examiner's Autopsy Report (Forensics Entertainment) 1:17
28. LYMPHATIC PHLEGM - Chronic Epidermic Necrolysis (Multiform Erythema) 1:33
29. LYMPHATIC PHLEGM - Methane-Filled: Bloated Cadaveric Cavities - Putrefaction Progression1:26
30. LYMPHATIC PHLEGM - Slithering Maceration Of Ulcerous Facial Tissue (General Surgery)1:14
31. LYMPHATIC PHLEGM - Paroxysmal Syphilitic Hemoglobinuria (Autohemolysis Serosa) 1:25
32. LYMPHATIC PHLEGM - Anatomie2:03
33. LYMPHATIC PHLEGM - Swarming Streptococcal Affection On Penfigus Vulgaris 1:00
34. LYMPHATIC PHLEGM - The Medical Examiner's Autopsy Report (Forensics Entertainment) II 0:51
35. LYMPHATIC PHLEGM - Ultimate Consequence Of The Different Actions That Constitute The Set Of Changes Sustained By Digested Stuff In The Whole Digestive Complex1:30
36. LYMPHATIC PHLEGM - Grim Occurrences Of Great Interest To The Forensic Medico-Legal Experts0:16
37. LYMPHATIC PHLEGM - "What Lives That Doesn't Live From The Death Of Someone Else?"0:47

XXX MANIAK - Too Young, Too Hot

XXX MANIAK - Dope Slut

LYMPHATIC PHLEGM - Swarming Streptococcal Affection On Penfigus Vulgaris