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The sickening gore seems to be endless and this time with a full dose of pathological perversity and putrid horror stench! Featuring the unstoppable Pathological Gore Grind masters Haemorrhage and the cult horror fanatics Gruesome Stuff Relish this blood-splattered Spanish carnage contains new unreleased tracks from both bands which will make their legacy even more twisted and sick like hell! Dead bodies are being stolen from the hospital and beware of the dead plague! A true bucket of blood for the deranged ones! Get it right now or get ripped limb by limb for oxidized scalpels or flesh-eating beasts from the grave!

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1. HAEMORRHAGE - Hospital Thieves 2:25
2. HAEMORRHAGE - Gangrenous Prosthetic Implants 2:02
3. HAEMORRHAGE - SelfMedication1:14
4. HAEMORRHAGE - Necrophilia (GBH Cover)1:31
5. GRUESOME STUFF RELISH - They Follow Your Scent 3:23
6. GRUESOME STUFF RELISH - Hell Is Too Full1:39
7. GRUESOME STUFF RELISH - Become A Zombie 2:20

HAEMORRHAGE - SelfMedication