StillBorn Revelations CD Carve

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From the remains of true death metal rises Carve, the new sanctuary for lovers of truly evil death metal. Coming from Sweden, and presented by none other than B. H. P., “Stillborn Revelations” boasts a ripping experience not to leave your stereo and sure to inflict damage on your mind. 8 pages full color booklet and sick to the bone artwork. If you need a fresh, new answer to your death metal desires, Carve is in the tradition of Vader, Bolt Thrower, Entombed… Don’t miss the first taste of this new abomination of fierce death! Featuring ex-Deranged vocalist and Paganizer members.

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1. Darker Skies04:20
2. Millenium03:30
3. As Wolves Are Fed03:10
4. Flatline05:22
5. Imhotep03:05
6. Burn The Dead02:59
7. Creatures With Wings02:23
8. Circle Of Damnation02:46
9. Operation Re-crucifixion02:59
10. Hunters Rise From Turmoil03:16
11. Stillborn Revelations03:08

Burn The Dead

Operation Re-crucifixion