The Good, The Bad & Me CD S.M.E.S.

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The bizarre synth-sickness is back again. Have the pleasure of witnessing a new dose of the most twisted cyber gore grind produced on this rotten world by one sick and perverse mind, Erwin, the vocalist from LAST DAYS OF HUMANITY. If you get the previous material, don’t miss this chance. If you didn’t, what you are waiting for?? Aren’t you afraid of “synth-sickness”? Are you?

1. Ernie's Nightmare3:24
2. Pro-Zak3:31
3. G-Spotted3:43
4. Fruity Juice2:28
5. Have A Sucker3:15
6. When Sgt. Gomp Charges2:34
7. Bio-Logical0:58
8. Saunatorium3:33
9. I'm Going Out Of My Duck2:31
10. Gore White Face2:56
11. G.I. Joke3:00
12. Po, Mirta, Grind2:25
13. Shower Now!5:04