The Great Excuse to Domination CD Clawn

CatalogBHP 0021

PriceU$ 10
R$ 15

After a long hiatus and line-up changes Clawn is back for another merciless Death Metal bloodshed! The punishment rampage continues and their second full-length album unleashes 12 totally brand new tracks of grotesque flesh-ripping riffs, throat-wrenching vocals and cranium-crushing drum damage. The lyric obsession keeps following their unholy and blasphemous path. The Great Excuse To Domination will make the fans of Sinister, Incantation and early Morbid Angel rejoice!

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1. Hateful Redemption4:11
2. Unrelenting Need to Kill4:05
3. Religious Plague4:38
4. Disbelief5:14
5. Last Hours of Humanity3:39
6. Sinner2:40
7. Battlefields1:47
8. Fear the Truth3:46
9. Cursed Inherintance4:06
10. Blessed by the Fake Light4:40
11. Revelations of Tormented Thoughts4:18
12. Oblivion9:27

Last Hours of Humanity

Fear the Truth