Black Hole Productions announces a new band on its cast.


BLACK HOLE PRODUCTIONS is proud to present the newest band on the label. They are the paulistas from THE BLACK COFFINS.

Created at the beginning of 2010, in São Paulo, by Vakka (Vox, ex-Inerthe) and J. Martin (Guitar, ex-Infamous Glory), The Black Coffins also relies on M. Rabelo (Drums, ex-Obitto) and A. Beer (Bass) in its line-up. With less than an year in existence, the band has recorded the Bvrial Bleed split with Infamous Glory. The record has 4 songs and cover for Discharge’s “The Possibility of Life’s Destruction”.

The band has just finished recording its full-length album, “Dead Sky Sepulchre”, that will soon see the light of day, out on Black Hole Productions. This material counts with some guest appearances by heavyweights such as Milosz Gassan (Morne, Ex-Filth of Mankind), Marissa Martinez (Repulsion, Cretin), Dmitry Globa-Mikhailenko (Phurpa), that worked previously with the band in the split, and James (Facada). Production duties were handled by Bernardo Pacheco (Elma), who also worked with D.E.R. and Ratos de Porão, among others, at his Fábrica de Sonhos studio. The record was mixed and mastered by Willian Blackmon, from the Swedish grinding unit Gadget.

Heavily influenced by the Old-school Swedish Death Metal and bands like Celtic Frost, Entombed, Wolfbrigade, Discharge and Autopsy, The Black Coffins dubs their own sound as Funeral Death Metal.

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