Uncanny, dirty and nihilistic: these words describe the music of Desalmado just as well as the claustrophobic South American metropolis they hail from: São Paulo, Brazil.

Desalmado are today at the forefront of Sao Paulo’s underground scene. On the road for 11 years, with 3 official albums, an European tour and concerts with numerous bands and extreme metal legends, however (and fundamentally) Desalmado is pleased to make this kind of music for those interested in it.

The band stays true to Grindcore, a musical genre where its players are identified not only by the sound, but mainly with the musical attitude. Not only for music but for an ideal, we will continue playing Grindcore. In Grind We Trust!



Caio Augusttus: Vocal

Estevam Romera: Guitars

Bruno Teixeira: Bass

Ricardo Nutzmann: Drums


Materials thru Black Hole Production: Split CD with Homicide – In Grind We Trust (BHP 033) 2016

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