Gruesome Stuff Relish


Gruesome Stuff Relish is an underground death/grind band from Spain who are the ultimate fusion of early 90′s old-school Swedish death metal (Carnage, Dismember) and the splatter/gore sound and feel of Impetigo and Necrony. The band’s concept revolves around their extreme love for the classic Italian horror films from the 60′s, 70′s and 80′s. Giallo killers, cannibals, zombies, and other lurid tales of terror!

Gruesome Stuff Relish was formed from members of early 90′s death metal band Repugnance and recorded their first demo in 2001 (which later became a split CD with Holland’s Brutality Reigns Supreme).

Releases thru Black Hole Productions:
• Split CD w/ Haemorrhage (2011)
• Goreland Compilation w/ the track: El Duce Inn Massacre (2002)

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