Lymphatic Phlegm


When André Luiz and Rodrigo Alcântara met in December 1992 they started making plans to start a band together, furthermore to escape from the general proposals of that time and actually engaged by one and all bands in Curitiba: to play Death or Black Metal at that moment and for the time being, they began to expose the Splatter/Gore culture in general, once it was something very close to both of them.

As time went by and only in February 1996, they started to realize their goals. There are exact sixteen years that Lymphatic Phlegm sprang into activity. Same year in November, they recorded their first work, Malignant Cancerous Tumour In The Epithelial Tissue Of The Intestine. As time went by and as a result from this demo, they started receiving several invitations in order to produce new releases. This has been gradually accomplished and adds to a big amount of releases nowadays.

Their working structure has been the same from the very beginning, for they never found a drummer who was adequate to their proposals and concepts. As the counterparts looked forward to produce something the quickest possible, they started to work by using the drum machine. This very fact became one of their main characteristics and they went on the same way up to date. The truth is that making “gigs” has never been one of their priorities.

As for the thematic, one of their main characteristics is to make it totally based upon strictly truthful and explicit topics, turning the concepts approached to be really admissible and concrete. That is one of the reasons why they approach these topics: to show and relate things on the true way they are and how they actually happen. The approach is originated from each one and any kind of medical literature within any of its sections. Nevertheless they mostly approach General Pathology as well as Legal and Forensic Medical Jurisprudence. These are at the origin of most their lyric and visual contents; this kind of literature is essential for their precise exposure of all their conceptions. Their texts are very important for they report everything which may possibly exist on the most severe, harmful and pathologically explicit events about the decaying and fragile structure of the sordid and repulsive conditions possibly existing within human organism.

Their lyrics are into everything that can happen to everyone of us at anytime and what we can learn with all those things and how fascinanting and interesting is our anatomic complex. In the end, the most bizarre, destructive and surprising forms of human pathology motivate them to write their texts. Last but not least, the philosophy of Lymphatic Phlegm is to face man as a strictly decayed and pathological being.

Due some personal and professional reasons the band put in a hold its activities for some years but during this time some releases were released featuring some old and unreleased stuff they did. Nowadays the band is currently working on its 3rd full-length album and on some split stuff they have accorded some years ago to be out via Black Hole Productions!

Late night, when you pass in front the morgue, if the doors are locked and the lights are off don’t think that there’s nothing happening inside! Feel the sweet aroma of formaldehyde and wait for the grotesque, the absurd, the fascinating universe of the forensic-legal medicine and general pathology on explicit Old-school Gore Grind way! Watch out because the deranged pathologists still didn’t perform their last autopsies!

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