Split Picture 12″LP Last Days Of HumanityLymphatic Phlegm

CatálogoBHP 0011


Neste lançamento extremo da Black Hole Productions você está encarando duas das maiores definições mundiais para o que podemos chamar de Gore Grind! Ambas as bandas dispensam apresentações e se eu fosse você não perderia a oportunidade de adquirir este material ultra limitado e que certamente será um lançamento “Cult” da cena Gore Grind mundial! Toda insanidade musical e visual submersa em material totalmente exclusivo e nunca lançado antes e que você não irá encontrar em outro lugar! Todos os itens necessários para se produzir um holocausto Gore está aqui, porém ainda mais doentes e perturbadores.

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1. LAST DAYS OF HUMANITY - Dysenteric Headless Investigation0:44
2. LAST DAYS OF HUMANITY - Deranged Bloody Autopsy0:56
3. LAST DAYS OF HUMANITY - Garbagebag With Human Waste0:42
4. LAST DAYS OF HUMANITY - Crispy Between The Boils0:52
5. LAST DAYS OF HUMANITY - A Portion Of Pulpified Leftovers0:44
6. LAST DAYS OF HUMANITY - Dryheaving On Blood0:37
7. LAST DAYS OF HUMANITY - Splatterattack1:37
8. LAST DAYS OF HUMANITY - Drowning In Pus0:40
9. LAST DAYS OF HUMANITY - Whipcream From Sperm1:06
10. LAST DAYS OF HUMANITY - Squashed Bodyparts0:46
11. LAST DAYS OF HUMANITY - Dragged Behind A Car By His Guts0:52
12. LAST DAYS OF HUMANITY - Kicked To Death1:32
13. LAST DAYS OF HUMANITY - Larval Infestation Down Your Lungs0:46
14. LAST DAYS OF HUMANITY - Ripping Teeth From The Jaw0:36
15. LAST DAYS OF HUMANITY - Mangled In A Shredder0:44
16. LAST DAYS OF HUMANITY - Piss Fed Fungus1:09
17. LAST DAYS OF HUMANITY - Rigor Mortis In A Frozen Body0:55
18. LAST DAYS OF HUMANITY - Cataleptic Liver Explosion0:40
19. LAST DAYS OF HUMANITY - Congenital Deformities Sprung From A Pussy Womb0:44
20. LAST DAYS OF HUMANITY - Lacerated Cunt Incision1:14
21. LAST DAYS OF HUMANITY - Autopsicated Fecal Reunion0:30
22. LYMPHATIC PHLEGM - Omeantum - The Forgotten Organ / The Surgen's Friend2:08
23. LYMPHATIC PHLEGM - Ready To Rip Dura-mator0:21
1. LYMPHATIC PHLEGM - Hospital And Clinical Responses To Medial Emergencies2:21
2. LYMPHATIC PHLEGM - Peripheric Dissemination Of Systemic Pigmentous Urticaria1:58
3. LYMPHATIC PHLEGM - Pyocollection Excreta / Suppuration Sets In1:02
4. LYMPHATIC PHLEGM - Pus - Filled Stiffs Decortication0:30
5. LYMPHATIC PHLEGM - The Bright Blue Of Cadaveric Ecchymosis0:13
6. LYMPHATIC PHLEGM - Autopsy Findings - Patrescant Organ Harvest1:43
7. LYMPHATIC PHLEGM - ...Pyosisification Starts The Whole Process Of Exacerbation1:35
8. LYMPHATIC PHLEGM - Adipocera Cadaverica - The Natural Lubricant Of The Pathologist's Gloves1:27
9. LYMPHATIC PHLEGM - Labia Minora Supprates In Necrotization1:00
10. LYMPHATIC PHLEGM - Completely Liquefying Organ (Disgorging In Putrefaction II)0:22
11. LYMPHATIC PHLEGM - Formaldehyde Solution - CH2O1:19

LAST DAYS OF HUMANITY - Dryheaving On Blood

LAST DAYS OF HUMANITY - Ripping Teeth From The Jaw

LYMPHATIC PHLEGM - Ready To Rip Dura-mator

LYMPHATIC PHLEGM - Pus - Filled Stiffs Decortication