SUBTERROR reveals tracklist and one song from upcoming album.


The release date of Subterror first full-length thru Black Hole Prods is approaching, the band reveals the complete tracklist from the cd and also shows one track that will be on this material called “Fanatismo do pior”.

“There are nine new tracks, but nothing different from what we are doing all these years. Crust/metal or Stenchcore, call what you want the ones who love to label. For sure this is the material that we put the most attention, the most love in each music, in each lyric. We are very satisfied with the final result and also great to have the support from the label in this process.”said the drummer Samuel.

Complete Tracklist:

01 – O vazio da máquina

02 – Estética do fim

03 – Pathos

04 – Iconoclasta

05 – Caminhando de um inferno para outro

06 – Fanatismo do pior

07 – Apatia e privilégio

08 – Distopia

09 – Escrevo para apagar meu nome

Entirely produced by the band and also by the well knonw producer Jera Cravo, who already work with about 100 bands like Headhunter, Escarnium & Mystifier. Jera also was in charge of the mixing and mastering of “Antropomortum”.

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